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Talk about JTV/KTV/CTV shows like Anime, K-drama's, Sitcoms, TV shows, films, etc.
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I always love watching The Price is Right. From Barney Stinson - the son of the MC =))
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This game show is one of the most popular and successful game show on television. The very first season of Survivor: Borneo - located in Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia was filmed from March 13th through April 20th, 2000 and was premiered on May 31st, 2000.
When I first saw this game show on tv. I was in love with it very much. I did not miss one episode at all and watched the whole show from the very beginning until the end when the final winner was rewarded and became the champion of Survivor: Borneo
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I like Family Feud, I have learned a lot from it
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