My Introduction // Rules

Post any type of fan fiction, poetry, or writing that you or a friend wrote here.
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My Introduction // Rules

Post by Dah_jOkA »

Hey wuddup MXers? I'm the new mod of this forum 8) Most of you already know me but to those who don't, let me introduce myself.

Name: Henry aka "Dah_jOkA"
Age: 17
Loc: East Coast
Ethnicity: Khmer//Chinese/Thai//Laos

Anyway the reason why I chose Scriptwriting to be a mod of is that I enjoy writing lyrics, I'm a 100% hip-hop and R&B head. I like to write lyrics to express how I'm feelin or what I'm thinkin. I battle other emcees whenever I have time, I write for other people when they seem to need the help. After all that I figured "EY! if I already do this stuff, then why not mod for this forum?"

So here I am. I hope to meet alot of new people and see some INSANE stuff in this section 8)


1: No profanity or racists posts
2: Keep things clean, there could be kids browsing the forums


3: EXPRESS YOURSELF!! Pen TO paper, say whats on your mind, let yourself be heard. don't be afraid how corny you might sound, just do it!

if anybody needs help with writing anything, feel free to hit me up, I'll try my best to give sum advice and tips.

as you can see I don't really have alot of rules, but none the less follow them or else be prepared suffer! :twisted:

hah peace

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