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Fergie helps Japanese star Koda Kumi with ATL shoot

By RICHARD L. ELDREDGE | Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 02:23 AM

While stateside success has thus far eluded Japanese pop star Kumi Koda, the rubberneckers were still out in force Tuesday during the performer’s video shoot for her new single, “That Ain’t Cool,” at Atlantic Station.

Of course, the strained neck muscles may have been inspired by Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie, who was there to lend her vocals and visuals to the filming.

We’re told that Fergie steamed up more than a few pairs of sunglasses when she arrived on set in skin-tight black pants and a skimpy top that complemented the serious crunch time the pop star’s spent in the gym on her abs.

According to the All Music Guide, Kumi Koda, 25, considered a major Japanese pop singer, has released six albums and “That Ain’t Cool” is poised to become her 40th single.

The petite Kumi emerged on set wearing a provocative tiny top and gray shiny leggings.

The pair were first spotted shooting in a parking deck at the Midtown shopping destination Tuesday, and we’re told that a shoot at Twelve hotel was on the schedule for Tuesday night.

Pop fans can expect “That Ain’t Cool” to hit stores — and with friends like Fergie, dare we surmise, MTV? — later this spring.

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