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  • Elle December 1, 2011, 20:38

    You guys should check out The League out of San Francisco! Hype (rapper) is Filipino, Black and White and Allan I. (singer) is Japanese, Filipino and Mexican!!! They are super hot and really talented!

  • Ellie Lee June 29, 2012, 20:19

    Dear MxProject,

    We came across your blog, and we love what you’re doing with the site. We wanted to see if you were interested in writing about the McDonald’s Martial Arts Dance Crew.

    The McDonald’s Martial Arts Dance Crew is the company’s first dance crew to blend breakdancing with martial arts. The dance crew made their debut back in January and have since performed in all the major local Asian events around the tri-state area. Led by award-winning Chinese American breakdancer Jason “Chem” Ng, the crew is comprised of five other members who are of Bangladeshi, Korean, and Chinese descent.

    I wanted to attached in this email is the official press release for the McDonald’s Martial Arts Dance Crew (please e-mail me back for attachments). Interviews with Jason Ng are available at your convenience. Check out our compilation below:

    McDonald’s Martial Arts Dance Crew Compilation Video:

    Performing at the Chinatown Chinese New Year Parade:

    Please let me know if your blog has interest in covering this talented crew and if you would like to interview Mr. Ng for your article.

    Thank you,

    Leading the Asian-American market for 20 years
    622 THIRD AVENUE, 22nd FLOOR
    NEW YORK, NY 10017, USA
    Direct: 646 865 6071
    Fax: 646 865 8987
    E-Mail: ellie.lee@iwgroupinc.com

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