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Charlene Denies Dating Wu Chun; Says Give Gillian More Time

It has been widely rumored that due to their recent film collaboration, Ah Sa and Wu Chun have become a real couple. Although Wu Chun is handsome and rich, Charlene denies being more than friends with him. After having filmed “The Butterfly Lovers” with Wu Chun, there have been rumors that the two have secretly been dating for three months.

Yesterday, Charlene, Joey Yung, and Raymond Lam dressed in equestrian clothing to attend a press conference at the Sha Tin Race Course. It was there that Charlene denied that she and Wu Chun are an item, stating: “We’re only a couple in the virtual world [speaking about in “The Butterfly Lovers”]. To avoid any confusion, I will be clear in stating that he is just a friend!” She jokingly continued, “However, if these love rumors will help publicize the film, then I won’t mind!”

Blushing Over Ronald

When asked about Ronald Cheng and the breakup rumors, Charlene, blushing, quickly said: “I won’t say!” and blamed her blushing on the hot weather.

Give Gillian Time

In addition, Charlene talked about her good sister Gillian, stating that this time period has allowed Gillian to grow, and that it is a precious period of time for maturation. Charlene then said that everyone needs to give Gillian some time.

New Twins?
As for the rumors that Stephy Tang and Theresa Fu would form the “new Twins,” Ah Sa said that the issue is too complicated and did not comment on it.

Source: Sina, on.cc