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Koda, Goto, Amuro perform at Avex annual concert for stockholders

Maki Goto sings on Sunday nightAvex group on Sunday held its annual concert for stockholders at Saitama Super Arena. The event was part of the general shareholders’ meeting and 8,910 stockholders attended. Eleven Avex artists performed.

Kumi Koda, 25, made a return to performing in public after she was suspended for remarking on a radio program on Jan 30 that “women over 35 had ‘rotten’ fluid in their wombs.” Koda started to cry after apologizing to the stockholders.

Exile, Namie Amuro, Noriyuki Makihara, Ai Otsuka and Maki Goto, who recently joined Avex, also performed, but Ayumi Hamasaki was absent due to her nationwide tour.

Avex said it had recorded 104.6 billion yen sales in 2007, which is the highest in its 20-year history.

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  • froggyboy604 June 28, 2008, 23:20

    Sounds like a pretty good deal for owning stocks in Avex since concert tickets are expensive. Plus, If Avex stock goes up the stock holder also earn money. I wish I can go to that concert. The performer list sounds very good.