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Barbie Hsu, Louis Koo stars in a remake of a Hollywood movie “Cellular

Louis Koo did not hesitate to film w/ Liu Ye on a mountain, suffering from a freezing “1 degree celsius” cold weather. After they have finished filming the ‘chasing’ scene in a freezing weather, their speech became ‘unclear’.

Louis Koo, Da S, and Liu Ye play the lead roles in the remake of the Hollywood movie “Cellular”. The movie is set to premiere on September 25. In the movie, Liu Ye has to chase down and kill Louis Koo under the bone-chilling weather. Because it was too cold, the part where Louis has to send a telegram to the villain Liu Ye, their speech were unclear. The production crew and actors had to go up to the mountain to film the scene.

Benny Chan’s “Connected” stars Barbie Hsu, Louis Koo, Liu Ye and Nicky Cheung. The movie premieres on Sept. 25, 2008.



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  • froggyboy604 August 9, 2008, 03:31

    Sounds like a good action movie to watch. I like the Movie poster. I wonder if the movie be released in Canada.