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Toby Leung & Ron Ng are drawn into relationship involving 4 people, due to a Fake Facebook Account

Ron Ng and Charmaine Sheh have had alot of rumors recently. But earlier Benny Chan accepted i-cable channel’s TV interview revealing his previous relationship stating “He is waiting for his old love to return and continue their relationship.” Also Toby Leung who has had previous rumors with Ron has been drawn into it, as it was claimed she was going to compete with Charmaine. It seemed it was confusingly becoming a relationship involving 4 people. A magazine reported that Toby revealed she was dating Ron in her Facebook account. But Ron and Toby clarified yesterday that someone was making false statements and spreading it across the internet.

The reports stated that Toby and Ron had previously paired up together in 2 TV series portraying lovers as well as husband and wife. This led them to create sparks with each other. But Ron’s rumored girlfriend had changed to Charmaine Sheh recently. Although, the reports claimed Toby didn’t mind, her face book account revealed that she was dating Ron and there were also some intimate pictures posted.

Yesterday Toby clarified that she was confused about the reports because she had never signed up on Facebook. Her Management said ” The person who is claiming to be Toby on Facebook had been using Toby’s Yahoo Blog information and posted the same blog pictures on Facebook. Toby has never had a Facebook account because she has always felt there are too many fake people on the internet. She doesn’t know their real identities and not sure whether they are her friends. That is why she will not open a Facebook account. Toby does not know who is claiming to be her and it will be difficult to do anything about it”.

Ron expressed that he had received a SMS from Toby explaining the Facebook rumors. He said” Toby said that the Facebook account was Fake, I can understand because I have also experienced someone opening a Facebook account and posting my pictures claiming they were me. I had to warn my friends about it so they won’t get fooled. ” Ron explained that he knew Toby before she was in the industry and the pictures reported as intimate were just from TV series. He says “The reports about the relationship involving 4 people is just a laughable joke.”

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  • froggyboy604 August 28, 2008, 07:29

    I agree with Toby there are a lot of fake people pretending to be celebrities online. Those people have too much time on their hand. Though, some of the fakes have a lot of cool pictures of the real celebrites, but the fakes should make a fan page instead.