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With their new song released, WonderGirls to comeback on 26th on MuBank

WonderGirls have revealed their 4th project album title song ‘Nobody’ MV.

JYP Entertainment announced on 22nd September, “After ‘Tell Me’ which is a dance pop song of the late 80s and ‘So Hot’ which is the a synthpop of the early 80s. ‘Nobody’ is a Motown style from the 6-70s, the 3rd complete part to the series.”

WonderGirls also encountered a leakout of the song just a day before the official release of ‘Nobody’ on 21st September. The company is still investigating on the source of the leakout.

Meanwhile, WonderGirls will returning home for America on 25th and will be having their comeback stage on 26th September on KBS 2TV Music Bank.

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  • froggyboy604 September 23, 2008, 04:46

    They seem to be trying to attract more mature audienc with older sryle from the 80s, and 70s. I wonder if they ever find who leak the song out.