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Jay Chou wishes to marry before 35; says that music will forever be most important,

Jay Chou wishes to marry before 35; says that music will forever be most important

Recently, Jay Chou has been busy promoting his new album in Beijing. Yesterday, he accepted an exclusive interview from Phoenix TV’s “A Date With Lu Yu”. Last year, Jay also went on this show and promised the host Lu Yu that every year he will come on her show and share about how his life is going.

Music will forever be most important; magic gives him sense of achievement

Jay talked about his title track in his new album – “Fragrant Rice” and he said, due to the earthquake, problems like unemployment and students leaving home will evidently appear in our society. However, at this time, people need an inspiring song that can give them encouragement. Music is a kind of magic, and has healing powers. Now, being a singer cannot earn much money, but they can share their music with everyone. Today, Jay is a boss, but when he makes music, he does not care about the costs. He often pours a huge amount of money into filming MVs, just for people who love his music, to be able to see even better music creations. When asked what time does he usually compose music, Jay replied that he is not like other singers who like to compose late at night, because this will disturb his neighbours. Rather, he likes to play piano so to find inspirations, just like for the song “Fragrant Rice”,

Jay is a person who likes to try out new things. From his dancing in his MVs to learning diabolo to performing magic at his concerts, everytime, it will give surprise to people who like him, and he shares his own love of music to his fans. When Lu Yu asked him which of the following gives him the most sense of achievement – magic, singing or films, Jay says it is magic, but he says that music will forever be most important to him.

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  • froggyboy604 December 21, 2008, 00:15

    Jay chou also knows how to do real magic. Glad, he is still relateable with people.