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Hong Kong citizens disgusted complaints at Gillian Chung’s TV interview

Hong Kong citizens disgusted complaints at Gillian Chung’s TV interview

Gillian Chung’s TV interview regarding the sex scandal, was broadcasted on the 6:30 news on the 5th. After the news and ‘Scoop’ show were broadcasted, this led to negative criticism from Hong Kong citizens. On the 6th, TELA received 215 complaint calls, protesting that they don’t want to see Gillian appear on TV. Wireless TV also received 60 complaint calls, saying that Gillian will badly influence young people, instilling bad values into them. Even after one year, Gillian’s comeback road seems tough; not only does she have to face herself, she must also face society’s perception.

During the interview, Gillian’s attitude still seemed to be in the ‘so silly, so naïve’ state. This interview still gained much negative criticism from viewers, unlike Cecilia Chung, who has full support from her husband Nicholas Tse and his parents. During the interview, Gillian expressed that she and Edison fell in love at first sight; their relationship would drag at times, breaking-up and then getting back together, all in all they dated for 4, 5 years. The reason why they would take such intimate photos was because she was scared that she would lose him if she didn’t agree. Host Stephen Chan asked her: “Were you worried that the photos would leak out?” Gillian expressed that in fact, she was already worried even before they took the photos, but Edison hung his promise: “Don’t worry la, because the photos have me in it as well!” Unexpectedly, because his computer was sent to get repaired, it resulted in a huge disaster.

As soon as Gillian appeared on the screen, complaint calls to the TV station did not stop. Most of them expressed their disgust, even saying that this interview would badly influence young people, and should not be broadcasted during news time as a selling point, as parents would get uneased and angry. However, there were was still a small group of people who supported Gillian, hoping that society will give her a chance.

On the other hand, Nicholas’s sister Jennifer Tse appeared at an event on the night of the 5th and she expressed her full support for Cecilia, saying she is part of the Tse family, and the whole family will unconditionally support her: “No matter what happens, I will support her, I love her very much, I can see that she really loves her child. She is also big brother’s wife, our love is unconditional, don’t need to do any expressions.”

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  • froggyboy604 March 23, 2009, 06:10

    Celebrity don’t have much of a private life anymore. I think the comments about Gillian making young people have bad values are kind of silly since many young people can make good choices. Parents can also use this as an exampleon ” why cameras and nudity don’t mix well together in most cases”