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Ai Kawashima goal is to build 100 schools for needy

 Ai Kawashima  who is a J-pop singer ,who was orphaned because her parents died from illness, from Japan wants to build 100 schools across the world with her earnings from her music. She built Schools in in Burkina Faso and Cambodia. The third school she is building will be in Liberia. Her fourth school she is planning on building will be in East Timor

She is very inspiratational and mature for her age considering a lot of young people these days are not as charitable as her. She inspires me to work hard to better the lives of others by doing whatever I can.

found the story at Yunjee

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  • Tony February 7, 2012, 11:13

    Visited East Timor school – Ducurai – Story about Ai Kawashima in Timor was that she had passed away before the school was finished? School is alive with students and Timorese are very grateful for the building. Your generous support for the people of East Timor is of tremendous value. I hope you continue this exceptional work.

  • froggyboy604 February 13, 2012, 23:02

    Ai is still a live according to Wikipedia.