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Wonder Girls – Nobody (Rainstone Remix [Kor.]) – Full Male Cover Video




Remember when I said I want to sing a male version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”??
Well~ here it is! ^_^

Throughout the entire thing I was thinking about 2PM’s style and tried to keep it passionate and strong.
I also added Sunmi’s 2nd verse and harmonized with that instead of singing it~ XD

The rap was definitely the best one I’ve tried and had the most fun with haha~
A lot of attack XD along with Yubin =]

Overall, this was a very “different” cover for me, as you may know.
This is more of an open and free style ^~^

Sorry for the possible Engrish XD (it was kinda intended rofl)

If you haven’t heard about my trip to San Jose’ (and LA but I haven’t updated about that T_T I really need to) and meeting with the Wonder Girls and JYP, you can read my blog entry about it at: http://cityincolors.blogspot.com/2009… I’ll add the LA stories soon ^~^

ENJOY the song~ =]
This is my gift to the Wonder Girls ^~^
I miss you guys!! T~T
Keep fighting!

The song does not belong to me.
Only my voice.



Good job. Cityincolors voice sound very soothing.