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Saint Vox feat. Jade Valerie and Emiri Miyamoto violinist “Don’t Leave Me This Way -energy flow-” Official PV Music Video

Saint Vox 1st single “Don’t Leave Me This Way -energy flow-” Official Music Video.
Director: KUBO Shigeaki (久保茂昭)

SAINT VOX is a collaboration between Jade Valerie and violin player Miyamoto Emiri (宮本笑里). DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY is their first single of their forthcoming self-titled album (on Sony Japan, Nov 25th). The song is based on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s famous “Energy Flow”. The video was shot in September 09 in Tokyo by video director Kubo Shigeaki(久保茂昭) who has worked before with stars like Celine Dion, YunaIto, Exile and many others. The first run of the Japanese SAINT VOX album features a bonus DVD containing the promotional video of “Don’t Leave Me This Way” and an interview EPK with Jade and Emiri san.

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Jade Talk

I like this song. The song  is about being  betrayed by a lover, but being afraid to confront him about his sins because you are afraid of your lover running a way if he found out you know he is cheating on you, so you have to pretend to be strong and quiet on the outside, but on the inside you feel weak and helpless, and wish that he won’t leave you this way.   I like how Jade’s voice starts out low and becomes louder as the song go on. It is amazing how Jade,  Emeri, and the other people who work on this song can mix pop music and classical instrumentals so well, and make the song sound very fluid.  Jade’s voice is so strong in this video. I like Jade’s outfits like the Blue dress she is wearing. She looks good with curly hair. Emirilooks nice as well. I like her Orange dress. The setting is also very interesting. The mirrored room, the room with the rotating strange cube, and the purple room with purple fog look very classy. The settings sort of remind me of my favourite RPG games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I love the red rose petals on the floor. The camera angels are awesome. The way the Camera rotates around Jade and Emiri gives the viewer a good perspective of the settings. Watching Saint Vox- “Don’t leave me this way” is almost like watching a short film.