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SNSD’s “Gee” is the MV of the year

SNSD’s “Gee” is the MV of the year
That’s right, SNSD’s Gee, which has been seen by millions of people, has been declared as the music video of the year by GOM TV’s GOM Music Chart (GMC)!

Nine of the ten spots in the Top 10 were taken by idol groups, mainly 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, and 2PM. From the Top 10, eight of the spots were taken by girl groups, proving that the year of 2009 was indeed the year of girl groups.

SNSD’s Gee had over 100 million view counts on GOM TV and maintained their first place status over a period of 10 weeks on GOM’s MV charts. SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish also ranked 9th in the Top 10, which further proved these girls to be one of, if not the best, girl group of the year.

Following Gee was G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker had nearly 90 million views and had a 6 week domination period in 1st place on the MV charts. 2NE1’s Fire was right behind Heartbreaker, claiming 3rd place. 2NE1 proved that they were worthy of the title “Rookie of the Year,” as their Lollipop and I Don’t Care also took their own spots, each ranking 4th and 8th respectively.

Following 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls took 5th place with their MV for Abracadabra, which accumulated around 88 million view counts. The 6th place was taken by Son Dambi’s Saturday Night/ She was the only one who was not in a idol group. 2PM’s Heartbeat, which was released quite recently compared to the rest, took 7th place. The last place was taken by Park Bom’s first solo single, You and I. Here’s the full list:

Top 10
1. SNSD – Gee
2. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
3. 2NE1 – Fire
4. 2NE1 & Big Bang – Lollipop
5. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
6. Son Dambi – Saturday Night
7. 2PM – Heartbeat
8. 2NE1 -I Don’t Care
9. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish
10. Park Bom – You and I

Stay tuned for GMC’s live broadcast on the 18th, which will bring you the winner of 2009’s “Best Honey Legs” and “Top 5 Abs.”

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  • froggyboy604 December 19, 2009, 22:58

    SNSD -Gee is a good MV, but I enjoyed SNSD – “Tell me your wish” MV more.

    I can’t believe the “Wonder Girls” are not in the top 10.