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Applegirl (Kim Yeo Hee) 1st Single “My Music” Music Video

Kim Yeo Hee who is best known for playing and singing a cover of Lady GaGa Poker face on iPhone apps released her 1st Music Video Single called “My Music” .

 The music video starts off with her playing the piano and guitar while singing her Korean pop song “My Music” in a modern looking recording studio then she raps in English about her journey to being well known in the  music industry which can be almost impossible, but she got it done  because of her love for music and how music makes her feel. 

Lastly, she is filmed in a concert for her 1st single “My Music” with many fans cheering her on while she sings “My Music
” while wearing a nice looking bright pink min–skirt.

I enjoy AppleGirl’s (Kim Yeo Hee’s) song “My music” It is a motivating song to listen to which remind me how far the “love of music” can take  me when I’m feeling down or lonely since music has this magical like power to inspire me to try harder at what I am doing. Apple Girls singing and rapping are both very good. She is cute as well in “My Music” music video.

I think the music video is about how far Applegirl became by being determined to make it in the music industry. She started up as a girl who got famous playing a cover of “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa, and now she is a international music star which recently got signed to a music label and is well known all over the world.