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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Official Francis Galluccio English “Hyperdrive” Anime Music Video

Lately, I been watching a lot of Yo Gi Oh 5D on YTV. I been liking the song called Hyperdrive. I like the song because it has this rockish theme which has a nice theme about “how going fast in life and not being still makes life more exciting by taking risks and following your dreams”. Francis Galluccio voice in “Hyperdrive” suits the intro very well. I like how fast the AMV is and Motorcycles and YoGiOh Monster are awesome! Plus, the scenes go very well with the song in this AMV since every thing goes by so fast. I guest this can be good music to be blasting out while driving. The beat is also pretty good. I like the drums and electric guitar sounds. This is one of my favourite english anime theme music songs currently.