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missA “Bad Girl, Good Girl” from (BAD BUT GOOD) Music Video

missA is JYP new Girl Band by AQ Entertainment. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” music video is about a boy who talks trash/spread nasty rumors behind a girl back, but secretly wanting her, and not being confident enough to admit it because he thinks she dress trashy or he can’t admit to liking sexy outfit because he is a Conservative prude. The theme behind this music video is basically you never can judge what a girl is like by looking at her appearance. You need to get to know what is on the inside which is what is important. Plus, spreading rumors is immature and girls like a man who can admit to a girl that he likes a confident girl who is not afraid to show off her natural beauty inside and out.

The members of MissA wear cute short outfits while they do their dance. I enjoy the song it is catch and has a pretty good beat.

Promotional Dance video for “Bad Girl, Good Girl”!

Making Of “Bad Girl, Good Girl” from (BAD BUT GOOD) Music Video