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Megan Lee a Korean American singer, song writer, and actress who is also known as CutiePieMeg918 releases her “Destiny” Music video for her latest song which is about following your destiny even if other people say you can’t do it, and eventually you will do it. The music video is about Megan auditioning in front of the judges to win a singing contest. She gets disappointed for not winning at first, but she wins the contest at the end and get to sing with the star. I like the part where Megan Lee ran to the top of the hill and screamed, and punch the air. It sort of reminds me of a scene from rocky stairs scene. I like the video game punching sounds when Megan punches the air. Rocky is a classic movie. This music video is like a short story film. The credits are also pretty good since it is not a black screen showing all the performers in the video. There are video clips of the best moments in the video.

Happy 16th Birthday to Megan Lee who turned 16 on the same date of her Destiny Music Video release date.

The Credits for Destiny sort of Reminds me of the Credits for Kingdom Hearts 2 with video scrolling by when the credits are being shown.

Video description from Megan’s Destiny video on YouTube

MEGAN LEE’s new single “DESTINY”- The Official Music Video

Directed by Timothy Tau.
Written by Megan Lee & Timothy Tau.
Produced by Timothy Tau & Roxy Shih.
Edited by Timothy Tau.
Assistant Director: Roxy Shih.
DPs/Cinematographers: Naofumi Kudo & Greg Cheng.
Starring: Megan Lee,
Jessika Van, Kelvin Han Yee, Yul Spencer, Ina-Alice Kopp, Justice Van Cho, Douglas Lee, Amanda Rose Kaufman.
Featured Extras: Amanda Rose-Kaufman, Nelson Nguyen, Tommy Su, Wat Deeudomchan, Richard Lee, Kevin Nguyen, Elaine Lee.
Original Song was Co-Written by Megan Lee & Wat Deeudomchan.
Original Track Produced by Smash Hitta.
Strings & Guitar by Paul Dateh & Anthony Balmeo.
Original Track Engineered by Joanlee.
Special Thanks: Tommy Su, SnapItStudio, TSJ Productions,
Nelson Nguyen, UC Irvine, Elaine Lee, & Cha Cafe

DESTINY’s Worldwide Premiere on 9/18/2011 ♥
Firebrand Hand Creative Presents,
In Association with Good Kids Productions http://www.facebook.com/goodkidsproductions,

Wardrobe Sponsored by YesStyle.com

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Destiny is available on iTunes:


Wonder Girls in Greece! Video

The Wonder Girls performed at the Special Olympics , and relaxed at Greece. They also went sight seeing and to the beach in Greece. Greece looks like such a cool country.


Wonder Girls changed their screen name to @wondergirls on Twitter

Cool, I be following Wonder Girls new twitter account as well to keep updated on their twetts and news.

Follow Mxproject Twitter @mxproject on Twitter.

Love the video, the Wonder Girls seem so nice.


Mxproject Blog is now re-designed with a custom Theme

I recently re-designed the Mxproject blog with the Thesis custom WordPress theme, and edited the color scheme for the blog. Hopefully, the faster load times and SEO optimization features will make Thesis get more readers.

So far, the new Thesis theme by Diythemes is working great for Mxproject.

Mxproject might have a blog header image contest which you can enter at the forum at Mxproject.com/forum for a chance to win prizes in the future.


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