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Wonder Girls Learning English Diligently to Break Into Overseas Markets

Learning English for future overseas performances…Ye Eun’s vocabulary is excellent while Sun Mi’s pronunciation is the best among the Wonder Girls.

The above-mentioned remarks came from their english tuition teacher who had been offering 24 hours lessons for them in a “passionate manner” since the beginning of May to prepare them for their overseas expansion. Once the Wonder Girls are back in their dorm, they would be conversing as much as possible in english and also try to use it in their daily lifestyle.

In order to express their own thoughts through interviews with overseas media, they are undergoing extra lessons in their free time. So how is their english language ability now? Well, each have their own strengths and weaknesses as they learn the language through “competition”.

Their tuition teacher expressed:
Each has their own personality and have different areas which they are stronger in with regards to the english language. Compared to the rest, Ye Eun has a wider range of vocabulary and can construct a beautiful sentence easily. Sun Ye meanwhile has a good basic foundation and is good in grammar.

For the two younger members, Sun Mi and So Hee, with them both in high school right now and having received english language education from young, they are able to converse fluently with accurate pronunciation, leaving the JYPE staff feeling satisfied.

Since Yoo Bin has lived in America before, the general review is that her pronounciation and accent are excellent even close to native speaker’s.

To gauge their progress, the members are tested on 400 english words weekly. If they get less than 80% of the words correct, they are required to write those wrong words for 100 times each. But no member has suffered that fate yet. Because of their hectic schedule, the Wonder Girls can only start revising and work even harder to learn the words when the test date draws near.

According to JYPE, “Since their return from America in March, the Wonder Girls have recognized the importance of them knowing English well enough in order for them to expand into overseas markets. Their passion for learning English has thus increased and the competition between them to do better than each other has only served to raise their level up a notch.”

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  • froggyboy604 July 5, 2008, 20:36

    I think Wondergirls will be popular with 11-18 years old if they come to western countries to perform.

    Good luck to them, but I still wish BoA* will come to Western Countries more.