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No communication, love has faded: Gallen Lo announced divorce

Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: Dragon888 @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

No communication, love has faded: Gallen Lo announced divorce

Gallen Lo and wife together for 28 years

There was a rumour back in 2001 that Gallen Lo had marital problems. But nothing happened. After 7 years, it finally happened. Yesterday, Gallen told the media that his 10 years marriage with his wife has ended in divorce. They were separated earlier on last year. Recently got divorced. They are still in friendly terms. Their son will be living with his wife. He himself will take the responsibilities to provide for them. Gallen stressed that there is not a 3rd person involved. Ex wife Fong Man Yee also said it was a relief.

No 3rd person involved

Gallen and his ex wife had known each other for 28 years. They had worked together on television. One worked in front of the screen and the other in the background. They had gone through a lot together. Years ago, there were rumours that Gallen and Jessica Hsuen were having affairs. But Gallen chose to marry Fong Man Yee. They had a son and the three of them were happy. Recently Gallen has been going back and forth to mainland China. The pair had very little communication. They were drifted apart .

Gallen disclosed ” Communication is the biggest problem. We don’t have a subject to talk about. On top of that I am a loner, my son and I play separately. Even when we are at home, we hardly speak to each other. We don’t even argue, one way of communication. We keep ourselves to ourselves. We live separate lives. If there is no communication, do we still want to carry on for the next 10 years. We didn’t want it to happen”

Still good friends

Is there a 3rd person? ” Of course not, we discussed about divorce back in 2001, but it didn’t happen. Last year, we separated, one year on, we sat down and talked. We we divorced in good terms. We only signed the paper the other day.”

The divorce was amicable, Gallen praised his ex wife of being a good daughter-in-law, a good mother and a good wife. It was fate. He was more worried about his son getting affected. His son would live with her. He hasn’t got time to look after him anyway because he has to work in mainland China a lot. He is hoping that mother and son would be happy together.

Fong Man Yee reckons divorce is a relief for her. After the two had split up, their relationship had improved. She still cares about him asking him not to drink too much and to look after his own health. They are still friends.

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  • froggyboy604 July 9, 2008, 04:24

    wow, 28 years. Glad that they are still good friends instead of enemies.

    I also uploaded the picture to MXP webserver since AF got a picture of a angry woman wearing a boxing uniform that saids do not steal, so I just found the original image and uploaded it to mxp, so people don’t have to stare at tghe violent looking woman.

  • xstarBURST July 9, 2008, 05:57

    thanks! my internet at the time was really laggy so i didn’t want to upload another picture