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Here’s your chance to win a very merry WONDER GIRLS holiday gift Video!

Enter by clicking this lint to WG contest  All you have to do is comment on what gift you want to give the Wonder Girls.

What Will you give to the Wonder Girls, and Why?

Win a gift from the Wonder girls

I would get Yenny a new laptop which has a big screen, plenty of space, is fast, and has a very long battery life because I read on Yenny’s blogs that her laptop ran out of battery power, and she had to use her brothers laptop which had a weird screen, slow and freaky.
I would give Mimi all the American Idol DVDs since she loves watching American Idol.
I would give Yubin a lot of books and the Amazon Kindle E-book reader since she loves to read.
I would give Sohee a lot of movie gift certificates tickets since she loves to go to the movie theature to watch movies and eat pop-corn.
I would give Sun a lot of gift certificates to Starbucks since she loves coffee.
I hope I win, or the Wonder Girls atleast read my post I made on their blog.  I be happy either way.