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YUKI ‐ COSMIC BOX J-Pop Music Video

Yuki’s “Cosmic Box” music video is a magical sounding Jpop song which has a nice melody.   

 The music video takes place at night. The music starts out with two girls in pajamas talking to each other in the middle of the night. Afterwords, It shows old people at the park playing in the playing at the playground and sliding down the slide having some sort of party. The old people start to dig in a sand box and find their childhood toys which makes them turn into children. The music videos end with the two young looking outside their window.

The theme of “Cosmic Box” Music video is you are never too old to feel young, or to enjoy your childhood toys.

The music video is pretty good, but I wish it was brighter since you can barely see the people in the video, so you might need to turn up your monitors brightness.